Energy Recovery for a Hospital

This XC Unit was one of four built in Sept 2005 for a Critical Care Hospital in Ontario. It provides 25,277 supply and return air cfm and features a large Model XLT™ 80–84 flat plate aluminum air-to-air heat exchanger, cabinet, face-and-bypass frost control, and filters. The exchanger recovers 1,315 MBH at winter design conditions raising the outside air to 46°F. At summer design conditions, it recovers 280 MBH lowering the outside air temp to 85°F.

Performance Specification

  • Model: XC–80–84–BP–RT
  • Supply cfm: 25,277
  • Exhaust cfm: 25,277
  • Built: September 2005
  • Weight: 6,000 lbs
  • Energy Recovered: 1,315 MBH (Winter), 280 MBH (Summer)
  • Design Conditions: –20 °F / 100% RH (Winter), 90 °F / 42% RH (Summer)

Unit Features

  • XLT–80–84 Aluminum, Flat Plate Heat Exchanger 2" MERV 8 (30/30) Outside Air
  • Heavy Duty Double Wall (18 ga / 22 ga) Galvanized and Return Air Filter Steel Cabinet, 1" thick Fiberglass Insulation
  • Configured for Indoor installation
  • Complete with Disconnect and Single Point Power Connection
  • Base Frame is Welded Structural Steel with Integral Lifting Lugs
  • Galvanized Steel Drain Pan

The XeteX unit featured on this page was built for an actual application. It is provided here to show our capability.