Innovative Heating, Ventilating
and Air Conditioning Solutions

Xetex builds Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning equipment to improve indoor air quality while reducing energy consumption. Our Air Displacement Ventilation systems will improve indoor air conditions while reducing outdoor air CFM. Air/Air Recovery systems will reduce fuel and electricity consumption and improve indoor air quality. We have many success stories featured in our case studies. Check out our products and experience the quality of exceptional air!

Featured Case Study

Like the model DXH, this DXH–XD unit efficiently conditions and dehumidifies supply air— but it recovers ... Continue

View of the unit from the outdoor air intake hoods.

Featured Product

This unit provides total energy recovery and outdoor air ventilation for a school. The heat wheel unit transfers ... Continue

What's New

A new website for the new year. Come back often- we will be adding new case studies, new product and software ... Continue

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